This blog gives some background and motivation for why I used Cloud Functions and an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) to enable users to get track ids in Twitch chat. In other words, audiences in a Twitch music stream could type in “!trackid” and a bot would answer something like, “I recognized Sandstorm by Darude about 2 minutes ago.” The solution implemented didn’t require the DJ to take any action or install any software.

Here you can see the bot in action. The user bweagle enters “!trackid” and Nightbot responds with the song details (on loop):

As described in this blog, I recently created an event-driven system to enable a chat interface to recognize songs being broadcast on a Twitch stream. In this blog, I’m going to go into the details of how I implemented it, so you can do the same.


I had some functional and non-functional requirements for this project. These requirements definitely weren’t formal, but describing them gives background on why I made some of the choices I made.


I describe this in the previous blog, but to summarize, I wanted to create “!trackid” functionality in a Twitch chat. “!trackid” is what a…


I currently mod for 3 broadcasters and have only been doing it a few weeks. In that time I’ve already learned a lot and thought I’d share. This blog is about what you can do to enhance the chat experience for your channel’s viewers. As a long time and active viewer of music on Twitch, I’m passionate about the experience created for viewers.

Since I am new to this, please let me know if there are better ways to do things that I layout here.

Assumed Goals

Here are 5 goals that I assume you have with your Twitch channel.

You want to minimize workload for the broadcaster

Broadcasters are…

Extension’s entry in Visual Studio Marketplace.

Do you have time critical data flowing through your business? Are you looking to infuse AI into your applications to provide continuous intelligence? If so, IBM Streams can help you meet your time sensitive business problems. IBM Streams enables continuous and rapid analysis of massive volumes of data.

As announced in February, 2019, IBM Streams is a part of Cloud Pak for Data (CPD). CPD enables teams to build applications to analyze stored and in-flight data.

IBM Streams is a highly performant and sophisticated programming platform. We created Streams Flows to provide users with a simplified experience for building real-time…

Watson Studio support for building and monitoring streams flows is now generally available. Watson Studio users can create streams flows for processing and analysis of real-time data.

What are Streams Flows?

Building real-time applications can be intimidating. Streams flows makes the process easy and accessible. With a simple user interface, you can drag and drop operators to shape, transform, and analyze your data as it flows from inputs to outputs. This empowers you to build real-time applications without having to dive deep into complex libraries and tools. …

Task Hierarchy

Many of us work with a multitude of the latest and greatest best practices to deliver great products that meet user needs. Some examples are Agile, Lean, Design Led, and the “Spotify model”. In this world, what is the best way to do high-level project planning that may span squads or tribes? When is something a hill vs. an epic? What is a strategic initiative?

At some point, any large team needs to do high-level or “strategic” planning. …

Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

As a product manager in innovative areas in a large corporation, I get to work on and with diverse teams from around the world. While this is very rewarding, it can sometimes be challenging. At times, I and/or my teammates realize we are spending a lot of time on certain use cases that are experienced by only a few of our users or is a very small part of a particular user’s experience. I think of these use cases as niche. The use cases may be interesting or propose unique challenges to the design and engineering teams; however, they have…

Brian L. White Eagle

Program Director of Product Management in the computer software industry. Skilled in delivering data driven product content using Agile and Lean methods.

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