Streams Flows Generally Available in Watson Studio!

Watson Studio support for building and monitoring streams flows is now generally available. Watson Studio users can create streams flows for processing and analysis of real-time data.

What are Streams Flows?

Building real-time applications can be intimidating. Streams flows makes the process easy and accessible. With a simple user interface, you can drag and drop operators to shape, transform, and analyze your data as it flows from inputs to outputs. This empowers you to build real-time applications without having to dive deep into complex libraries and tools. You’ll love how quickly you can build and test new flows, running on Streaming Analytics.

Support for building streams flows is integrated directly into the Watson Studio experience. In Watson Studio, you can create a streams flow project by selecting “Getting started,” “Create a project,” and selecting “Streams Flow.”

You can also add a new streams flow to an existing project in the Assets tab or from the “Add to project” drop-down at the top of the Project page.

Add a new streams flow from the Project page of Watson Studio

What’s new?

Watson Studio’s support for creating streams flows includes:

· Drag and drop interface for real-time applications: Drag and drop operators onto a canvas and connect them to create a pipeline for data to flow through.

Drag and drop operators to create real-time applications within Watson Studio

· Monitor flows in real time: While the flow is running, monitor the throughput of events as they pass through operators. Monitor the events and their attributes as they pass from operator to operator and quickly determine the health and status of the flow without having to check outputs and logs.

Monitor the health and status of flows

· Handle common streaming use cases with a constantly growing list of operators: Create flows that leverage models, aggregate and filter streaming data, as well as connect to services like Watson IoT, MQTT, and Event Streams (IBM’s managed Kafka service). The team is continuously working on new operators and use cases, so if you don’t see what you need today, let us know and we’ll get on it!

· Build flows starting with examples, a wizard, or from blank: Get started quickly creating streams flows. You can start from Blank, use a wizard, or start from an example. It is quick and easy to get your first flow running.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy and free. If you don’t have an account, sign up here. After you finish registering, create a new project and add a streams flow!

Discover more about what you can do by watching these series of videos on YouTube.

Take a look at our documentation.

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